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Our inspiration

Our inspiration

At the Arctic circle the air is pristine and the ground water runs icy cold and crystal clear. No other place in the world has more certified organic forests and wild harvesting areas. This is nature in its purest form. Scientific studies have proven that the plants which grow under the extreme climatic conditions of the Arctic circle contain higher percentages of active ingredients than those that come from more moderate regions. That is why Inari Arctic Cosmetics sources its highly effective natural actives from the most Northern parts of Finland.

Why Arctic Beauty?

Far away in Finland’s high North, nature lives in its own special rhythm. In winter time the plant world of the Arctic Circle is buried under a deep blanket of snow. In summer the barren-looking, sparsely forested landscape is saturated in endless luminous sunlight. This fascinating and unique region of the world is the home of Inari Arctic Cosmetics.

The founders

Two enthusiasts who love
the wild Nordic nature

Inari Cosmetics is a tribute to the simplicity of the purest ingredients and high-class skincare technologies. Inspired by the Arctic wilderness and antioxidant-rich plants and berries, we created something unique in the need for effortless yet effective anti-ageing skincare.

Our philosophy is strongly rooted in the Nordic state of mind: our product range holds only the essentials, ones that we are more than proud of. Inari Cosmetics is all about effortless beauty yet functional everyday luxury.