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Our Story

Our inspiration

INARI Arctic Beauty story started with founder Sirkku Hahn. Born and raised in North of Finland, she often went to pick fresh berries and plants in the wilderness with her mother and grandmother. These hand-picked treasures, extremely rich in vitamins and antioxidants, were the main ingredients for Sirkkus mother who used them to make juices to combat against trialling flue seasons and ails.

Why Arctic Beauty?

Later in life once Sirkku had moved to Germany where she raised her family, she was visiting her mother when the idea came to her in one of the most healing places for a Finn – in the sauna. She had the vision to use these extremely powerful antioxidants to create natural, safe and efficient skincare.

The founder

An enthusiast who loves
the wild Nordic nature

To help to communicate this vision, Sirkku reached out to co-Founder Nina Stenberg who shares the same background and respect for the Finnish nature. They knew that some of the most potent ingredients in the world come from the pure air, rich soil, and harsh conditions of a single region in Northern Finland. Together they decided to spread this message with honesty and transparency to help women everywhere feel good about their skin while preserving the precious world around us. Rooted in these visions, INARI Arctic Beauty was born.

Our philosophy is strongly rooted in the Nordic state of mind: our product range holds only the essentials, ones that we are more than proud of. Inari Cosmetics is all about effortless beauty yet functional everyday luxury.