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Interested to become a stockist?

Our philosophy is to be a non-compromising eco-luxury brand with effective skincare products, and take advantage of the unique power and purity of Arctic plants, a highly potent quality source of active ingredients.

We use an advanced anti-ageing mechanism and latest innovations in biotechnology to offer the most effective skincare for ageing skin.

Our products are sold in beauty stores, exclusive department stores, well curated online stores, concept stores and beauticians.


We offer

  • An opportunity to differentiate your assortment from competitors with a new eco-luxe beauty brand and newcomer clean and independent beauty brand
  • Continuous innovation and new products
  • Individual trainings
  • Press coverage through intensive PR-work
  • Marketing support
  • Excellent service
  • Sachets, point of sale material and promotions


For more information on becoming an INARI Arctic Cosmetics stockist, please contact us: