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Your daily beauty ritual to feel good all day

18/03/2020 / INARI Arctic Cosmetics
Powerful antioxidants from the Arctic nature, finest botanical oils and latest skin care technology ensure best and visible results. With their luxurious textures and light fragrance INARI Arctic Beauty skincare feels like a fresh breeze from the far North!

Your daily Arctic Beauty skin care routine at home can be your little wellness ritual that brings the Arctic nature closer and lets you face everyday life more relaxed. Pure ingredients, finest scent and silky-velvety textures sharpen our perception for a moment. Crystal clear Nordic spring water is wonderfully pure. The vastness of the wild Arctic nature will get visible to the inner eye. All senses are revived.


On your way to beauty, health and vitality

Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay natural ageing and prevent various skin problems. A beautiful skin will not only support a good body feeling and stabil self-confidence but help to master our lives better. We are convinced that every woman can feel great at each point of her life. Ageing belongs to this as well and accepting the process of ageing is an essential part which can make women strong, vital and beautiful. A vibrant and beautiful skin shines like a nocturnal midsummer sun. It’s Midsummer Magic!


Your perfect Arctic Beauty Ritual

For a radiant, healthy and wrinkle-free skin, choosing the right face care is essential. What’s also important is the daily routine. If you have found a beauty regimen that you feel comfortable with, you should follow it daily and over a longer period.

Your daily routine of skin care begins with the cleansing ritual. It frees the skin from impurities and prepares your skin for further care steps. Pores will become cleared and the skin will be able to absorb following care products better.


Your daily Arctic beauty morning routine

STEP 1: cleansing, refreshing, waking
Use cold water to wash your face. Clean your face with Hydration Cleanser, emulsify the cleanser with damp fingers on the face and wash off the resulting light foam. Dry soroghly.

STEP 2: warming, activating, absorbing
Apply Rejuvenating Eye Cream, use Lifting Serum or lightweight Water Cream on top with upward and sideward going moves on face and neck, pat soroghly.

STEP 3: calming, hydrating, protecting
Apply day cream according to your skin conditions. More rich Moisture Boost or the lightweight Water Cream or rich Sleeping Cream in outwards and upwards moves. At the end put your palms over your face and breathe in the fresh Arctic forest scent for a moment.


Our tip: The weekly Arctic Beauty routine, approx. 25 min


This is how you put together your perfect beauty care routine

INARI Arctic Beauty in the morning

Hydration CleanserRejuvenating Eye CreamLifting Serum / Water cream (treat), Moisture Boost

INARI Arctic Beauty in the evening

Hydration CleanserRejuvenating Eye CreamLifting Serum / Moisture BoostSleeping Cream

Suitable for your skin type

Dry Adult Skin: Hydration CleanserRejuvenating Eye CreamMoisture BoostSleeping Cream

Adult Oily Skin: Hydration CleanserRejuvenating Eye CreamWater CreamSleeping Cream

Couperosa Skin or Extremely Dry: Hydration CleanserRejuvenating Eye CreamMoisture Boost + Sleeping Cream (same day and night routine)

Winter skin protection: Use Sleeping Cream as day cream

Anti-age boosting: Lifting Serum for day and night use (evening massage)

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