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Vikings drank horn cups full of Roseroot to gain strength

Rose root
31/01/2021 /
Rose root

Guess, what is connecting us with the Vikings? It’s our respect for the plant Rose root (Rhodiola Rosea), also called Ginseng of the North. According to legend, the Vikings drank horn cups full of Rose root to gain strength before a raid.

In the Nordic countries, but as well in Russia and China, Rose root is considered to be a traditional healing plant and consumed in tea or as a supplement.

However, the effect of this adaptogen on our skin is equally impressive. In our Arctic Botanical Complex we use the root extract of the plant – the plant’s bulbous roots store as much nourishment as they can to survive the Arctic climate with its long, icy cold winters.

As a result, Rose root is very high in antioxidant compounds such as salidroside and flavonoids.

Translated into skincare benefits, this means that Rose root extract, with its high concentration of antioxidants, protects the skin against free radicals caused by UV exposure and environmental pollutants or other stressors. Infused with this ancient healing plant INARI Arctic Beauty skincare formulations help to fighs against hyperpigmentation and brightens your skin tone, keeping your skin radiant.