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The best facial serum is the product of choice in your daily skin care routine

25/06/2020 /
The ideal complement to your daily beauty routine is a facial serum!  This powerhouse of skin benefiting ingredients is best to apply after cleansing and before the use of a moisturizer. Serums can quickly achieve visible results and help your skin to look beautiful.

Facial serums are the best way to target specific skin concerns due to their high concentration and potency. The reason why facial serums are more potent than a normal day or night cream is because they consist of higher amounts of valuable plant extracts and targeted skincare actives and molecules like hyaluronic acid. Enriched with a lot of powerful antioxidants an anti-ageing serum supports your skin in its active renewal and collagen building, combats dehydration and wrinkles. The combination of antioxidants will brighten the skin, too.

A serum usually is based on lighter formulations to better penetrate the skin. Smaller molecular weights are deeper absorbed by the skin than by a much richer consistency of a face cream.

The best hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate your skin

We talked about the consistency of a facial serum. But not only the lighter formulation is different to a cream but also the included active ingredients are chosen with a focus. When it comes to getting dewy, hydrated skin, few ingredients deliver the way that hyaluronic acid does.

As we age, our skin loses moisture and becomes less firm and supple. Hyaluronan is a powerful, skin-owned component that binds moisture very well and unfolds its optimal effect in the light texture of a serum. This oil-free ingredient  works to replenish your skin’s moisture as well as plumps and smooths the appearance of fine lines. In high-quality facial serums the added hyaluronic acid helps to increase the moisture content of your skin.

Hyaluronic acid helps to bind moisture

With age, the body loses the ability to produce sufficient amounts of hyaluronic acid itself. In combination with other ingredients in the formula of a serum, the moisture is bound to visible lines. This results in a plumping effect and leaves the skin looking fresh, healthy and radiant.

The best serum contains a high amount of multi-phased hyaluronan molecules: the higher weight molecules smooth the surface of the skin immediately after application, while the lighter ones penetrate deeper into the skin and provide longer lasting hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened just a few days after the first application. The skin becomes noticeably firmer.

Involve your facial serum in your daily routine

As a basis for a beautiful skin, a facial serum supports the work of other skin care products. Applying a small amount of the highly concentrated serum shows already a great effect on your skin. As a pure moisturizer, however, a serum alone is usually not enough. Therefore, involving the facial serum in your care routine in the morning and in the evening is the best way to do. Since serums are so lightweight, they’re easy to layer. Applying a richer day or night cream encloses the moisture into the skin. Facial creams serve as a protective barrier for the upper skin layers.

We recommend applying the serum twice a day immediately after cleansing your skin to your face and neck.