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Sustainable and responsible-sourced organic ingredients from Northern Scandinavia offer new opportunities for higher-end clean beauty

Arctic bilberries from the cleanest nature perfect ingredients for skincare
04/06/2020 / INARI Arctic Cosmetics
Arctic bilberries from the cleanest nature perfect ingredients for skincare
Far away in Finland’s high North, nature lives in its own special rhythm. In winter time the plant world of the Arctic Circle is buried under a deep blanket of snow. In summer the barren-looking, sparsely forested landscape is saturated in endless luminous sunlight. This fascinating and unique region of the world is our home.

The Arctic circle is the cleanest region on the planet. Here the air is pristine and the ground water runs icy cold and crystal clear. No other place in the world has more certified organic forests and wild harvesting areas. This is nature in its purest form.

Scientific studies have proven that the plants which grow under the extreme climatic conditions of the Polar circle contain higher percentages of active ingredients than those that come from more moderate regions. That is why we source its highly effective natural actives from the most Northern parts of Finland.

Adaptogenic plants: Nature’s survivalists

Superfoods from the far North are well-known in the food industry. Think of the wild blueberries. They are said to be especially healthy because of their high antioxidant content. With the wisdom of traditional Nordic folk medicine Chaga, growing on birch trees, are used to prepare a nourishing and strengthening tea. For centuries, Chaga has been used as a medicinal and healing fungus; its highly antioxidant effects are also popular in Asian countries such as China and Korea. And rare cloudberries are naturally high in vitamin C, these berries are consumed as delicacies in traditional Scandinavian cuisine.

Nordic nature offers not only natural raw materials for the food industry. The plants are also known from their health benefits and used in Scandinavian cosmetics as natural revitalising and antioxidant agents.

Together with renowned Finnish biochemistry experts we have selected six plant ingredients for our unique high antioxidant active skin care complex. Classified as adaptogens these Arctic extracts from pine bark, roots, berries and leaves have been scientifically proven to actively protect skin cells and stimulate the skin’s own collagen production. They also brighten hyperpigmentation and protect against photo ageing. For radiant, beautiful skin and a visible glow.

Nordic oat oil is the ideal carrier oil for our Arctic plant extracts. It contains high levels of actives and polyphenols that have a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Oat oil also acts as a booster for our active ingredients, transporting them more effectively into the deeper layers of the skin.

Green innovation can help to reduce health and environmental impact

Consumer purchasing behavior has changed over the last years. Customers are keen to reduce their environmental impact or mistrust on certain chemicals used. Consequently, health and wellbeing are in the focus. The interest for nature and its protection is rising. More and more consumers trust on natural products.

Finally, sustainability has arrived in the minds of the people as well as in the beauty branch. A chance not only for the mass market beauty industry but for higher-end organic skincare brands offering eco-luxury treatments, highly-effective skincare and high-performing anti-ageing. That’s where niche beauty labels can step in granting innovative beauty products allowing customers to reconnect with nature and protecting health, ethics and sustainability and provide true alternatives in the area of high-performance anti-ageing and luxury cosmetics.