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Skincare tip for your summer holidays: Natural Lifting Serum

Blond lady with hat enjoying summer with Inari Arctic Cosmetics skincare
25/06/2020 /
Blond lady with hat enjoying summer with Inari Arctic Cosmetics skincare
A natural facial serum is the best alternative to a richer cream in the summer. This beauty essential offers more targeted results, potent formulations, and customization options. If you’re truly not into adding an extra step, an antioxidant the Lifting Serum is sufficient as a day care.

The reality is that serums often get left out, when we are too busy. To keep your daily beauty routine as much uncomplicated as possible, a natural facial serum is just perfect for the summer! One reason to add the Lifting Serum to your summer skin care line up is that it moisturizes your skin and is absorbed immediately. Especially, during summer time or in your holidays, your skin might be exposed to the sun every day which leads to the fact that your skin might dry out severely. To care for the skin after a day at the beach, give thirsty skin a mega dose of moisture that will prevent it from feeling parched for a full day. On the contrary, use a serum when you want healthy and glowing skin.

Powerful ingredients and damage-fighting antioxidants help to soothe the skin

Good to know: Sun can cause to accelerate skin ageing, leading to wrinkles and loss of water. The perfect facial serum is a fantastic allrounder and infused with many powerful ingredients that both hydrate and remove free radicals from the skin while at the same time soften lines and wrinkles. Because natural serums are so concentrated, they are perfect for delivering larger doses of ingredients that are good for the skin.

Think of a serum as superfood for the skin. The best way to work against the so-called oxidative stress caused by environmental influences are plant actives that help to fight fine lines and plump up the skin. The antioxidants from our mostly wild-picked, precious plant ingredients contained in the natural facial serum, such as vitamins C and E, help prevent damage from sunlight or other external influences.

INARI Arctic Beauty Lifting Serum  is perfect for the summer thanks to its rich blend of antioxidants and vitamins and three-phased hyaluronic acid which help to intensively hydrate and nourishe your skin. The formulation of the serum minds the power of the Arctic nature, in this case with the Arctic blend of six carefully selected plant extracts from wild-picking containing valuable antioxidants and vitamins. In addition, it tightens and brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation with the exclusive composition of active ingredients. The essential ensures a firm, supple skin even in summer vacation with all the impacts of sun and water on the skin.

Our tip: In summer, a lightweight facial serum is sufficient enough to provide moisture to your skin – often even more pleasantly than a richer cream does.

What is a serum and how does it work?

Your daily routine of skin care begins with the cleansing ritual. It frees the skin from impurities and prepares your skin for further care steps. Pores will become cleared and the skin will be able to absorb following care products better. Thus, the active ingredients in the serum can penetrate the skin in an optimal way. The reason ist, that the molecules found in serums are much smaller than those found in creams and lotions, allowing active ingredients get much deeper and with a higher concentration into the skin.

The Lifting Serum meets all the special needs of the skin, regardless of whether you want to increase the glow factor or fight first wrinkles. Additional moisturizers such as jojoba and almond oil, vitamin C and hyaluronan keep the skin fresh with a youthful look – and that all in a natural manner. 

You might be in your summer vacation at the coast or in some other beautiful landscape and surrounding. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze or eating at terrace restaurants together with the slight smell of the serum, that reminds of a fresh and mossy forest floor.

How often should you apply the serum?

The best effects you will notice when including the serum into your care routine in the mornings and evenings. This is applicable for very oily skin and especially at hot summer temperatures over 30 degrees, though. The facial serum might then be effective without additional day care and can be applied alone without any following step.

However, at moderate temperatures and for normal and dry skin, we recommend using a light moisturizer and a night cream after applying the serum to seal the moisture in.

Another small application tip: A lot does not always help a lot. All the precious and highly potent active ingredients in the facial serum might not be able to absorbed properly by the skin if taken too much of it. Appropriate is a pea-sized amount to apply on your skin.

I wish you all a relaxing summer holiday with a bright and glowing skin!