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Lingonberry seed oil boosts hydration with anti-ageing benefits

Lingonberryseedoil in Inari Arctic Cosmetics skincare formulations
14/06/2020 /
Lingonberryseedoil in Inari Arctic Cosmetics skincare formulations
Lingonberry is a nutritious berry that is widely abundant and harvested in wild form in the Nordic countries. These antioxidant and vitamin-rich berries are more than just delicious and the perfect addition to our Arctic Blend.

Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis idaea) grows a particularly delicious and versatile small, red, and slightly sour berry, which ripens at the end of summer or beginning of fall. It grows in the Northern hemisphere in boreal forests and up in the Arctic tundra where the summers provide long days of sunlight for the berries to grow. In order to protect themselves in these inhospitable climatic conditions, Arctic plants develop exceptionally high levels of various biologically active plant compounds.

Scientific studies have proven that plants grown under the extreme climatic conditions of the Polar circle contain higher percentages of active ingredients than those that come from more moderate regions. Wonderful landscapes and untouched nature. Northern Europe is blessed with natural treasures offering plant ingredients that are real anti-ageing trumps!

In recent years, lingonberries have come to be known as a health-promoting super fruit, making their way into even more dishes. Traditionally, in Scandinavia, the tart berries have been used in everything from side dishes and garnishes to desserts. Since they’re loaded with vitamins A, B, C, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium, they really do promote health inside and out, and their popularity continues to climb.

Lingonberry is a deep pearly red Arctic delicacy rich in vitamins and minerals and truly a natural power package. This distant cousin of the well-known cranberry grown in Northern Canada contains more flavonoids than in cranberries or in any other wild berry. Flavonoids are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables and provide a lot of health benefits through antioxidant effects.

The antioxidant potential of Arctic lingonberries has been proven in various studies. On top of that, high ORAC values were measured from the berries, a value that determines the antioxidative abilities of a product. Whether in skin care or healthy nutrition – sooner or later you will come across the term antioxidants. Simply put, antioxidants are substances that protect your body and skin cells from free radicals, a cause for early cell ageing.

Lingonberry seed oil is particularly suitable for sensitive skin

All those vitamins that are so nutritious as food are beneficial to the skin as well. We’ve chosen this precious wild berry as one of our hero ingredients in our skin formulations in order to provide best anti-ageing benefits based on purest and highly potent plant ingredients. Mainly, lingonberry seed oil improves the skin’s hydration, elasticity, and density, making skin smoother and younger looking.

Many actives in the lingonberry seed oil act as antioxidants, inhibiting free radicals that can deteriorate skin. Including omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in lingonberries help to reduce water loss significantly and accelerate healing. Those fatty acids are crucial in maintaining the skin’s protective barrier and structural integrity, and lingonberries are loaded with them.

The powerful berries are also known for their skin casing and inflammatory ability. To top it off, they’re full of vitamin E, too, which inhibits melanin synthesis in the skin and lets your skin look refined and evened.

Lingonberry seed oil leaves the skin feeling velvety soft

The lingonberry seed oil in our skin care formulations is absorbed very well by the skin. The reason behind it, that the low proportion of saturated fatty acids in lingonberries creates a light, non-greasy feeling on the skin, leaving a velvety-soft feeling.

We source our Arctic wild plants from wild Nordic forests, that are part of world’s biggest organic-certified forest area. Lingonberry seed oil belongs to one of 6 Arctic plant ingredients in the Arctic Blend that we’ve chosen for our INARI Arctic Beauty beauty line.