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Letter from our founder Sirkku Hahn

29/11/2020 /

Today I wanted to personally say hello to you and tell a story of what happened about four years ago.

I was born and raised in the North of Finland, but since I lost my heart to a German man, my husband nowadays, I have lived several years in Germany. My homeland is still dear to my heart, and in fact, it is where I can truly relax and load my batteries the best. The cold fresh air in winter, crunching sound of snow while walking, the dark clear sky with thousands of stars shining – sometimes filled with the magical Northern lights – and the silence, as I am the only person in this world. My soul is in peace; I feel the presence of nature.

“With passion and a deep knowledge of traditional healing plants we made berry juices each summer”

Four years ago I spent a lovely evening back in Finland at my mother’s place and I felt so calm. She is a person who since my childhood has been passionate about traditional usage of plants in healing. She always serves me food and drinks made from wild-harvested local herbs and botanicals like Chaga tee. This time was no different, and after her “miraculous potions” I entered the warmth of the sauna. I felt deeply relaxed after the coldness from outside. My mind wandered, and I started thinking about the extremes of climate and its effects on people and nature.

The idea was born to combine effortless skincare solutions with my values to preserve our planet

I recalled moments when we used to pick berries each summer and how we made our berry juices which later helped us through the winter and flu season. I visioned how these arctic botanicals combined, each serving a different purpose and rich with antioxidants, could also help with skin issues. I was already working in the natural cosmetics industry importing Nordic and Baltic brands to Germany. However, I had noticed that many customers were looking for something different than I had in my offering. They were looking for a more efficient and safe way to help with ageing skin worries. I felt the urge to create what they were looking, combining my values of preserving this beautiful planet. That night the idea for INARI Arctic Beauty was born.

Now, after a little bit more than two years on the market, INARI Arctic Beauty has entered an exciting time; a time of rebirth. In a few days we are launching new packaging designs. These designs go deeper into the core of the brand, reflecting its birthplace and values. We bring some mystical northern darkness to your bathrooms and beauty bags, in the hopes of creating many relaxing moments for you to enjoy your self-care rituals.

I wanted to share both my excitement and gratitude to all of you. I hope you like the labour of our love that we will reveal soon.

With love, Sirkku