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INARI Arctic Beauty relaunches with a new packaging design, reflecting further its values and identity

03/12/2020 /

Press release  INARI Arctic Beauty is re-introducing itself with an updated packaging design. The natural luxury skincare brand with roots in North of Finland is furthering their efforts in sustainability.

The new 100% recycled outer packaging presents itself with deep, rich grey in contrast with the white of the product bottles. The colours take their inspiration from the mystical seasons of Finnish Lapland and extend out to the entire visual identity of the brand. “With the changes, we are truly going back to our roots. Wilderness is an imperative part of our company as it is the area where we source our key ingredients from. The new design tells our story, conveys our spirit and brings forward the elegant femininity“, says Sirkku Hahn, founder of INARI Arctic Beauty. 

Following the company’s philosophy, the new visuals are rooted in the simplicity of the Nordic lifestyle. “Our product line only contains what we consider as the essentials and stands for safe, uncomplicated, yet efficient skincare,” emphasises Sirkku. The high-potency plant ingredients from Northern Finland form the core of the products. “The Arctic wilderness, with its unique flora is both an inspiration and our soul landscape. With the new packaging design, we want to highlight these elements even better“, adds INARI Arctic Beauty co-founder Nina Stenberg. The company’s ethos “True to its wilderness” has also found its way to the outer packaging.

INARI Arctic Beauty with the new design will be available from the 2nd of December.

About INARI Arctic Beauty

INARI Arctic Beauty is committed to using natural and high-quality ingredients according to ethical and ecological principles. Utilising Nordic botanical heritage in conjunction with current biotechnological advances the products are manufactured in small batches in Germany. 

The story began with founder Sirkku Hahn, who was born and raised in North of Finland. Later in life, once Sirkku had moved to Germany, she was visiting her childhood surroundings when she had the vision to use Arctic plant-derived ingredients to create natural and effective skincare. Some of the most potent ingredients in the world come from the pure air, clean water and harsh conditions of a single region in Finland. To help to communicate this vision, Sirkku reached out to co-Founder Nina Stenberg who shares the same background and respect for the Finnish nature. Together they decided to spread this message through honesty and transparency, aiming to help women everywhere to feel good about their skin while preserving the precious world around us.

INARI Arctic Beauty hopes to make the healing power of Finnish nature available to everyone who seeks for it.


Media contact:

Nina Stenberg