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How we deal with the challenging health situation

18/03/2020 / INARI Arctic Cosmetics
COVID-19 has hit our lives. Most important, though, is to look after our health, take care of our families and friends and continue to do our jobs as best we can. We at INARI Arctic Cosmetics stay confident and act responsibly.

Read more in an interview with founder Sirkku Hahn on how we deal the challenging times and get some answers on our online sales.


Is your online shop still open?

Sirkku Hahn: Our online shop is open for you as usual. A great way to order natural products for your well-being. For questions about skin care range write us directly via the email address hei [at] or via a direct message in Facebook or Instagram. You can also find a list of retailers near you on our website.


How long does delivery take if I order in the online shop? Are there delays now?

Sirkku: There are currently no delays in orders and deliveries. We deliver our products within 1-5 working days. Depending on the region your order comes from.


How does INARI Arctic Cosmetics protect its own team?

Sirkku: Remote work is nothing new for us, we are prepared for it and use digital tools as usual and can therefore work together effectively from home. We mainly communicate with our partners via telephone and video call.


How does INARI Arctic Cosmetics protect employees in production?

Sirkku: Our products are manufactured by a well-known contract manufacturer in Finland that specializes in hygiene and medical items. The hygiene standards are naturally very high. The production facility has also imposed travel restrictions on its employees so that not everyone gets sick at the same time. Trade fairs are canceled, key positions and personnel changes are determined so that production can be maintained.


Is the production of your products secured?

Sirkku: We have goods in stock that were produced before the crisis, so we don’t see any problem in the medium term. We will monitor developments over the next few weeks and make a judicious decision as when to produce next charges so that seamless delivery will be secured.


How do you protect the employees in your R&D?

Sirkku: The hygiene standards in the laboratories are naturally at the highest. Our chemists are experts in handling sensitive active ingredients and microbes. Nevertheless, the employees are reminded to take the needed hygiene measures in order to protect themselves from mutual infection and to guarantee the quality of the products.


Has the supply of raw materials been secured for the next few months?

Sirkku: Our wild plants are picked seasonally, so our raw material stocks are sufficient for the next critical months. The next picking season is approaching. Our natural extraction processes protect the raw materials so that valuable ingredients are preserved. Here, too, safety and hygiene are carefully observed in standardized procedures. When manufacturing a natural product, this is essential to maintain the high quality. We source  of our cosmetic ingredients mainly from Europe to ensure the highest quality. We are monitoring the situation very closely, but we do not currently see any delivery bottlenecks, our stocks are sufficient.


What have you learned from the corona crisis so far?

Sirkku: This situation highlights how being healthy is a base for everything. We at INARI Arctic Cosmetics feel strengthened in our values to do something good for our skin and also to protect nature. Sustainability has arrived in the beauty industry and in the minds of the people. We are more than ever convinced of the effectiveness of natural ingredients. Letting natural ingredients working on our skin brings us a feeling of security and well-being.

Take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy! – Sirkku

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