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25/11/2020 /

The ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX is our unique blend of botanicals wild-harvested from North of Finland. In this Journal we have started to introduce our botanical ingredients that we are sourcing from the Arctic wilderness one by one. The article series continues with #3 of the complex; Roseroot Extract.

Roseroot is accustomed to surviving in the harsh Arctic climate. And during the summer season, the plant’s bulbous roots store as much nourishment as they can to survive in this rough climate. The most important part of the exotic plant is growing under the ground. The roots contain a high percentage of antioxidant flavonoids. These protective flavonoids shield our skin from UV radiation, preventing and reducing changes in pigmentation. Roseroot is scientifically demonstrated to be a potent antioxidant in a fight against free radicals, as it contains useful compounds such as salidroside and other tyrosols.

Roseroot is a strong adaptogen and a traditional healing plant gentle to sensitive skin

Several botanicals in our formulations, as Roseroot, are classified as adaptogens. This means that they are experts in fighting against oxidative stress and protecting the skin cell structure. These adaptogens are thoroughly researched and proven to be safe even for sensitive skin with a damaged barrier.

Good to know: In the formulation of our signature Arctic Botanical Complex we also drew on the wisdom of traditional Nordic folk medicine. Roseroot, also known as “the Ginseng of the North”, has been used for thousands of years by Northern people as a traditional healing plant to treat fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and to improve body’s resistance to stress. The story tells that even the Vikings brewed Roseoot tea to gain physical strength and endurance.

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