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ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX with Lingonberry Seed Oil

24/11/2020 /

The ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX is our unique blend of botanicals wild-harvested from North of Finland. In this Journal we have started to introduce our botanical ingredients that we are sourcing from the Arctic wilderness one by one. The article series continues with #4 of the complex; Lingonberry Seed Oil.

Lingonberry is a nutritious berry that is widely abundant and wild-harvested in the Nordic countries. This berry from the Arctic wilderness  is a deep pearly red delicacy rich in vitamins and minerals and truly a natural power package. But these antioxidant and vitamin-rich berries are more than just delicious, it’s the perfect addition to our signature Arctic Botanical complex.

Many actives in the Lingonberry Seed Oil act as antioxidants, inhibiting free radicals that can deteriorate the skin. High ORAC value, a value that determines the antioxidative abilities of a substance, is exceptionally high in Arctic Lingonberries.

Lingonberry seed oil boosts hydration with anti-ageing benefits

Rich in vitamin E and essential omega-6 and -3 fatty acids, these powerful berries help your skin to retain water, strengthen and maintain the skin’s barrier and inhibits melanin synthesis, improving the overall health and appearance of the skin.

The miracle-working Lingonberries that we use in our formulations are wild-harvested from organic-certified areas of Lapland in Finland. Selecting the highest-quality ingredients is a top priority in the development of our beauty products.

The harsh temperatures in the autumn and winter season and drying indoor heating can be really straining for our skin. Lingonberry Seed Oil is an ideal ingredient for the additional nourishment that our skin craves and deserves.

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