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ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX with Cloudberry Fruit Extract

16/12/2020 /

The ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX is our unique blend of botanicals wild-harvested from North of Finland. In this Journal we have started to introduce our botanical ingredients that we are sourcing from the Arctic wilderness one by one. The article series continues with #2 of the complex; Cloudberry fruit extract

Cloudberry, also known as a Nordic berry, is an effective skin brightener & energizer thanks to vitamin C, E & vitamin A precursor. It contains ellagitannins that aid the skin to preserve collagen and enhances elasticity by reducing the skin sagging. Essential fatty acids omega-3 and -6 smooth and reinforce skin’s surface against external stressors like pollution and harsh temperatures.

Cloudberry’s fruit extract ads one important element to the key ingredients complex in our skincare formulations. The cloudberry fruit extract has a similar chemical composition as the fruit itself and is therefore well tolerated also by sensitive skin. There is so much packed into these little berries that they are a must-have in a comprehensive daily beauty routine.

Cloudberry is a wild-picked treasure

The antioxidant super-fruit is full of nutrients that help the skin look radiant, but sourcing this effective ingredient comes with a challenge: They are not commercially grown, so hand-picking is the only wy to get them. Cloudberries grow wild mainly in the northern swamps and Arctic mountains. Then they grow quite solitary – one berry here, one over there. Wild-harvesting cloudberries from the wilderness cant be done mechanically, and it requires several hours of walking, mosquito bites and endurance.

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