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ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX with Bilberry Leaf Extract

24/11/2020 /

The ARCTIC BOTANICAL COMPLEX is our unique blend of botanicals wild-harvested from North of Finland. In this Journal we have started to introduce our botanical ingredients that we are sourcing from the Arctic wilderness one by one. The article series starts with #6 of the complex; Bilberry Leaf Extract.

Bilberry is truly a superfood of nature, and we love to use this Northern wild berry in our formulations. We chose Bilberry Leaf Extract as one of the six components of our Arctic Botanical Complex due to the significant benefits for your skin.

Bilberry with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for a balanced skin

The antioxidative effects of Bilberry leaves are 10 x higher than those of pure vitamin C and E. The leaves contain antibacterial tannin that protects the skin from environmental pollution, working against external stressors, calming the skin and reducing redness.

In a current stressful period of life when we feel more often out of balance, and using a medical mask to cover our faces has become normality, our skin needs all the extra support for de-stressing and reducing irritations.

Our founder’s tip for other uses for bilberries;

There is nothing better than a fresh Bilberry pie to nourish a stressed-out soul.


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