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A new skin care product takes time to work

Inari cosmetics skincare tip
25/06/2020 /
Inari cosmetics skincare tip
You enjoy testing fine textures, discovering elegant fragrances? Or trying out new brands? The search for a new beauty product can be wonderfully rich in discovery. But it can also be tedious to wait for results. Patience is a virtue in using a new age-defying skin care product. But it’s worth it!

Mature skin looks beautiful when it is cared for. A reliable skin care routine is therefore a great means to get your skin look vital, healthier and younger. In addition, an anti-ageing facial cream can reduce deeper wrinkles and make fine lines disappear. This is how your skin can look younger in years. What happens is that with regular use your skin gets adapted to the ingredients used. 

There may be reasons to change the current skin care regimen or to adapt individual steps in your daily routine. This includes a seasonal change of skincare care product, if you might want to switch to a more lightweight care in the spring or summer time or to use of a richer moisturizer in winter. Or, it can be that you want to change from a normal facial cream to an anti-ageing skin care products or to switch from conventional to natural or organic cosmetics. Maybe you also discovered a new moisturizer or serum that you would like to try?

Give your skin enough time to renew 

Routine is very important in your daily beauty treatments. A routine helps your skin adjust to the beauty products. If you constantly change them and try new ones, this will stress the skin or over-irritate it, so that impurities can arise.

Once you have found a routine that you feel comfortable with, you should keep to it for a longer time. This applies not only to your individual routine, but also to the products. 

If you still switch your cream or facial serum, then the following applies: The conversion of a facial care product is a bit more difficult than, for example, changing the brand of a body lotion. Basically, skin needs time to change when it gets new nutrients. In the face in particular, as facial skin is more sensitive to change. 

Change from conventional cosmetics to natural skincare

What exactly are the benefits of leaving your current beauty regimen in favor of a more natural skincare and beauty routine? By switching to natural beauty products, you are choosing cleaner and gentler products with superior quality ingredients containing vitamins and minerals that the body recognizes and absorbs as nutrients. While synthetic chemicals, silicones or mineral oils in conventional cosmetics will show immediate effects, natural skin care and beauty products will feed and nourish your skin in a way that leaves it healthier over time.

Introduce anti-ageing skincare to your daily routine

If you aim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and beautify your skin, then it is a question of choosing the right anti-ageing beauty product. Age-defying skincare products rarely have an immediate effect, because effective plant ingredients, botanical oils and antioxidants need time to unveil their power. Also, the treatment of pigment disorders or dulling skin is very time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend to give your skin enough time to get adapted to the new product which means that a new facial care should be given at least 3-4 weeks before changing to another one.

Skincare serums or a facial cream that contain multi-molecular hyaluronic acid also take their time to work. As compact and smaller-weight hyaluronan molecules are stored in the deeper levels of skin over time, only then you will see first results. With continuous treatment over a longer period of time, the skin’s appearance becomes much better. Hyaluronic acid helps to fill fine lines and wrinkles with moisture. As a result, and your skin will look younger. As hard as it is, but now it’s time to keep up!

Our satisfaction guarantee for you

It’s hard to believe something as simple as smoothing on a cream can produce any major results. But yes, anti-ageing topical products do in fact work. Mature skin is particularly demanding and requires care. Not only does it loose moisture easily, it also becomes a little thinner every day. With a good moisturizing beauty care, your skin will look years younger.

We want to guarantee you real, long-term results. If, contrary to your expectations, you are not completely satisfied after the application of one of our skincare products, we offer you to take back our skincare within 30 days. That means you can send the opened product back if you don’t like it, because we are convinced that you will love our Arctic beauty skincare!

How does it work to send a used product back to us? Read more here.