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7 tips for a glowing skin and a stronger immune system

17/05/2020 /
Everyone wants to look healthy and the best in every age. For our skin to feel good, we need to strengthen our immune system. Important boosters for your immune system are known to be a balanced diet and regular exercise. More and more people are consciously taking care of their health. It’s time to get refreshed and rejuvenated Look with some skincare and immune boosting tips to include into your daily routine!

Beauty today has a lot to do with a healthy, natural appearance. After all, the skin is our most representative organ and shows how we care of ourselves. With a comprehensive skincare routine, the skin will look healthy and vibrant.

A successful and balanced skincare routine includes not only the right beauty products, but also continuity and a healthy lifestyle before and after a skincare routine. We’ll tell you what you can do both for skincare and for strengthening your immune system and the rest of your organism.

1 Pack in the antioxidants!

There are so many natural sources of antioxidants you can enjoy in your diet to build a youthful look and feel inside and out. Nordic berries in particular are rich in antioxidants, which help to stop signs of ageing by inhibiting free radicals. Studies have shown that natural antioxidants contained in the Arctic bilberry have a 10-fold higher repairing effect than normal vitamin E and vitamin C does.

2 Hydrate: inside and out

Using lotions and creams to hold in moisture is much more effective when your body is hydrated from the inside, too. So, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. For an extra boost of nutrients and moisture, you can also layer a hydrating serum underneath an antioxidant facial cream. Using creams and serums with multi-phased hyaluronic acid molecules allows hydration to reach intercellular levels of the skin.

3 Get moving

With the weather getting nicer, and the lockdown in certain areas are coming to an end, there’s no excuse not to get outside and get moving. Whether it’s a breathtaking Nordic hike or a walk around your neighborhood, exercising is good for more than just your heart and muscles. It gets your blood flowing, bringing more oxygen and clearing away free radicals, giving you a healthy, glowing look.

4 Take care of yourself

It can be hard to find enough time for a good night’s sleep these days, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to keep your body in shape.  Sleep is when your body—including your skin—repairs itself.  Using this valuable skin recovery time a rich formulated sleeping cream helps to to provide moisture and  revitalize your skin leading to a renewed and more youthful looking skin over time. There is actual wisdom in the term “beauty sleep”!  

5 Strengthen the immune system with superfoods

Loading up on superfoods, vitamins, and healthy fats is also a great way to care for your body. A glass of water with some fresh lemon juice contains the ideal amount of vitamins to adequately strengthen our body’s defenses. Let’s look up to the North – with the traditional knowledge of Nordic folk medicine, wild Chaga mushrooms are gathered around the Arctic Circle to make a strengthening tea. Chaga contains many high-quality active ingredients that we also use in our skincare line.

6 Pamper yourself

Treat yourself with a facial mask or a spa treatment. It’s important to take time to slow down and clear your mind.  Our favorite way is enjoying the clean, fresh, beautiful Arctic landscape!

7 Laughing keeps you healthy

We can also strengthen our immune system with contentment, good mood and good self-esteem.

Fight signs of ageing with a healthy immune system

But what happens when first signs of skin ageing appear? What happens in our skin cells is that the immune protection works worse over time which leads into the fact that the skin barrier is damaged more often. As you age, the skin becomes therefore more irritable and thin.

With a balanced skincare routine, we can prevent premature skin ageing. A daily skincare routine with natural antioxidants and sufficient vitamins not only nourishes the skin, but protects against free radicals and minor inflammations. Thus, supports our skin’s own repair functions. With the skin being the outer barrier for our immune system it protects us from the outside. A healthy and refined skin can ward off environmental stimuli much better. This requires a strong immune system.

With the right know-how and beauty routine, we can keep our cells working properly at every age and stay fit, beautiful and healthy for a long time.