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Arctic Beauty

Beauty beyond the Arctic Circle

World-class skincare expertise with the most powerful ingredients from the cleanest nature in the world

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Our story

It’s no coincidence, that the ingredients come from the world’s cleanest environment. INARI Arctic Cosmetics was founded by two native Nordic women, Sirkku and Nina, with a daring dream and an adamant ambition to create luxury beauty brand that serves a purpose and respects nature. Although they have worked in different countries and found their homes elsewhere, their hearts and souls will always live in their childhood landscapes, above the Arctic Circle.

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Our Quality

Selecting the highest-quality ingredients is a top priority in the development of our beauty products. We do not make any compromises. Many of our nordic plants are classified as adaptogens which means that they are experts in dealing with oxidative stresses, protecting the cell structure. The unique Arctic ingredients blend complex is flanked by innovative ingredients which are sustainably manufactured in Europe.

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